A visit from Queen Elizabeth I

Queen Elizabeth I was very keen to be seen by her subjects and so went on 25 regional visits known as ‘progresses’ during her reign.

  In this action-packed drama workshop the children will be transported back in time to 1587, preparing for Queen Elizabeth’s visit to an English stately home.

  In role as Elizabethan children, they will learn about the Queen’s life, her likes and dislikes, her accomplishments and the preparations necessary for her visit, including the extravagant food, such as swans with painted beaks. They will discover information about the explorers Raleigh and Drake and a little about the threat of the Spanish Armada.

  With all this knowledge, the children’s task will be to prepare a suitable entertainment for the Queen’s visit.

  While having fun in role as Elizabethan children, your class will gain an insight into the life, pastimes, education, skills and work undertaken by Queen Elizabeth I.

This drama workshop can be adapted to suit all ages in KS1 and KS2.

"The children loved it and I learned a lot too! ”
Year 1 teacher at Streatham Wells Primary School, London SW2

A one hour workshop for up to 30 children in a hall or other large space.